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Quill & Scale Designs

About Quill & Scale Designs

My Background

Cover artist, logo designer, painter, potter, blacksmith and coffee addict. 

My first love is art. The feel of a paintbrush or a pencil in my hand is my zen.  

I draw inspirations from the world around me, both past and present. Science fiction and fantasy, myth and legends, Norse culture and so much more.  


I use a wide array of mediums to create art. From more traditional methods like watercolor painting and pen and ink drawings, to tactile creations in stained glass, metal, and clay; my muse has many faces. 

The mediums that i use most often are: watercolor, ink, pencil, colored pencil, clay, stained glass, metal, photography, and digital design.

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Collaborators and Partners

Quill & Scale Designs partners with the artists at Ann's Breaking Glass Studios and Jim Hartman's Forge to bring you quality creations in stained glass and metal. 

Collaborators & Partners

Ann's Breaking Glass Studio


Ann's Breaking Glass creates gorgeous custom designs in stained glass and mosaic tile. 

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Jim Hartman's Forge, LLC


Jim Hartman's Forge, LLC creates custom design work in metal. 

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The Scratching of My Quill

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